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Park Plaza Plastic Surgery

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NY Plastic Surgeon


Digital Marketing, Google Ads, SEO, Social Media

About This Project

This client came to us purely for SEO.  They had been well ranked over the years for many of the important keywords.  However, there were always keywords that had simply not registered with Google, Bing or Yahoo.  Additionally, some of the previously well-ranking keywords had started to slip.

The website was well designed with a strong Drupal CMS foundation.  But the client had experience a drop in business as a result of the search engine declines.

We started by identifying the top 10 keywords to focus on for the new SEO campaign.  We then did the homework with keyword research and started optimizing on-page as well as off-page issues.  There were many areas of improvement.

Within a relatively short period of time, the keywords started a steady upward movement.

We further advised the client on social media campaigns as well as email marketing in order to achieve a holistic digital marketing strategy.