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Pay Per Click Management – PPC/CPC

Search Engine Marketing – Google Adwords Advertising

Search engine marketing is often referred to as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC). Our Google Adwords services include:

  • Keyword Research: We find the terms that drive the most qualified traffic.
  • Complete Website Optimization: Page-by-page review of code and linking structure to help you increase your ranking in search engines.
  • Choosing the correct landing page – Landing Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing or SEM – Pay per click campaigns
  • Daily monitoring and tracking
  • A Google Adwords certified campaign manager dedicated to your account.
  • Ad Creation and Ad Placement on Google and Yahoo.
  • Search engine submission
  • Performance Tracking Reports
  • Strategic Customer Targeting
  • Optimized Budgeting

What's the Google Adwords Network?

Our team is fully dedicated to your business success. We offer free unlimited expert support and dedicated professional marketing consultants.


"The site really looks good, it is a perfect reflection of our company and the image we are wanting to project. Great Job! My website has become more user friendly, it is very attractive and interactive at the same time. My SEO rankings have improved over time and continue to get better on a monthly basis. Fred is a pleasure to work with."

Tom Robins, ROS Electric

"When I contracted with We Interactive, I wasn't sure what to expect. The results were better than I could have possibly imagined. My site ranks on the first page of Google for all my important keywords. I am also getting a lot of compliments on the professional look of the site. My website traffic and leads have quadrupled in the last 6 months."

Robert Gabriel, CEO

"When we started to provide contents for our web site, we were not sure where to begin! After We Interactive laid a framework, it got easier to provide the content. Both horizontal and vertical tabs were organized logically and it got easier to navigate though these web pages. We are slowly enhancing the contents so that the parents can benefit by reading them. We really recommend We Interactive."

John O’Brien, Contractors Insurance Solutions