Influencers have taken over every social media platform. From being themselves and posting about their lavish lives, they have created vast communities that trust and look up to them. This has created a great space for businesses to target to spread their brand.

Influencer Led Campaigns

Influencers have a stranglehold on the social media space these days. A high percentage of Instagram users follow an influencer or two. Loyal supporters genuinely take influencers’ interests to heart, which gives businesses a clear lane to potential customers. These potential customers feel a sense of authenticity from their favorite influencers. Also, the reason influencers succeed is because they build credibility and trust with their fanbase, this is why partnering with them to promote your product or service is so important. Posts, stories, and other forms of unique content uploaded by influencers are all ways a business can use these partnerships to its advantage.

Unique Content

The credibility and trust an influencer develops with their community cannot be understated. It is a highly valuable asset not only for the influencer, but the businesses willing to create a partnership to spread brand awareness. Account takeovers, for example, are a great method to get your brand name out there to these influencers’ communities. As a business you allow one of these influencers to post their own photos or videos onto your account with clever tags, hashtags, and keywords. The influencer will also repost and share these forms of content. This brings your brand right into their community opening new doors to new customers and a higher level of engagement. This strategy is probably the most efficient way to market for the price it costs.